Church is essential! As a devout Christian, my relationship with Jesus is at the center of everything in my life. Throughout the pandemic, we saw the implementation of several regulations that prohibited us from participating in our regular activities. Our right to practice our faith and religion, whatever it may be, is an inalienable right and it must never be taken away from us again! In my first term as your Congressman, I will push for legislation that would make it illegal for the government to close down our places of worship.



Law and order is essential! I fully support the brave men and women who protect our communities, and believe policing should be as local as possible! The more local the control over policing, the better our officers know and can be held accountable by their neighbors. All of us are human and none of us are perfect, but I believe that the vast majority of our police officers are in it for the right reasons and they serve a vital function in our towns and cities. During my first term as your Congressman, I will push to pull ALL federal funding from any local government who decides to “defund our police.” Why should our taxpayers send money to communities who are willingly putting their people and property at risk? They shouldn’t.



Life begins at conception! In politics, there are often many gray areas, and everything isn’t always black and white. To me, this issue is black and white. Abortion is murder—no exceptions! We have a responsibility to protect and speak for those who can’t protect and speak for themselves. Unborn children are the most vulnerable lives among us. As your Congressman, I will protect the sanctity of life and will push for legislation that will not only end taxpayer-funded abortions, but will end abortion all together. I support defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing Roe v. Wade. This is the largest, most heinous genocide in history and it must be end immediately.



Our society is becoming more sensitive with each passing day. Cancel culture is ruining the lives of many people. In some cases, these individuals deserve the consequences. In most cases, however, people are being punished simply for not being “woke” enough and for not falling in line with the radical left, progressive agenda. Big tech and the mainstream media are using their power to police our voices and our thoughts. I will use my position in Congress to support an open dialogue. Whether we agree with someone or not, it is important to hear all perspectives. In some circumstances, it may change our own. In all circumstances, it will strengthen our own convictions. People shouldn’t be censored for having a different opinion.



I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment! When I go back and think about the horrific mass shootings that have taken place in our country, I think about how many less casualties there could have been, had there been a law-abiding citizen (or several) who were armed and ready to exercise their right to self-defense. In addition, I think about all of the tragedies that would have been so much worse without the presence of an armed, law-abiding citizen (or several). The Second Amendment ensures our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones, from both our fellow human beings and also from government tyranny.



I fully support legal immigration, as the United States of America is a beacon of hope for the  whole world. However, I am vehemently against illegal immigration, and am grateful for the previous Administration’s efforts to secure our border. We cannot allow people to come into our country unvetted, presenting not only a risk to our citizens, but also to our economy. We need to ensure that our jobs are going to our own citizens and to those who entered our country the right way. As your Congressman, I will support finishing the wall and will oppose any legislation that makes it easier for illegal immigrants to stay and flourish within our borders.



Washington, DC is full of people who have little to no regard for our amounting national debt. Both Democrats and Republicans are complacent with endless spending, as if their constituents gave them a credit card with unlimited funds. We must promote capitalism by deregulating the private sector, and reject socialism by keeping the government out of it. As your Congressman, I will demand balanced budgets and will hold my fellow colleagues accountable when they support kicking the can down the road and increasing our debt ceiling. In addition, I support auditing the Federal Reserve, so that government spending is fully transparent and held accountable to Congress, and therefore the people. The endless and irresponsible spending needs to stop and it needs to stop now.



As an individual who grew up with a disability, I can speak from firsthand experience about how terribly inefficient the government is. Government-run healthcare is no exception. While many people can benefit from programs like Medicare and Medicaid, I will support competition and transparency among private insurance companies, which will drive down costs and will give our constituents a true opportunity to “shop around” for the best available option for them and their families. Once in office, I will work to ensure that our federal programs are not built to promote reliance and laziness from those participating in them, but rather independence and hard work. Our government should not make it easier to be unemployed and single than employed and married, which I believe is currently the case.



I am a strong supporter of our military and our veterans! While I believe in having the strongest defense known to humankind, I believe that significant military action should only be taken if absolutely necessary and only if it is approved by Congress. The lives of our men and women are too precious to engage in any endless wars and we should honor their commitment to protect and serve by truly valuing their lives. Once their time in the service is over, I believe that it is our duty to support our veterans and their acclimation back into civilian life. Why would anyone want to risk their lives for a nation that forgets about them when their tour is through? We must cherish our veterans and their families, as we wouldn’t be free without them.



The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a plethora of new rules and regulations. Many of these were draconian measures that were the ultimate flex from big government in our daily lives. Our local businesses crippled and many were forced to close their doors for good. Career politicians collected their taxpayer-funded salaries and sat back playing “God” over the economy. Certain types of businesses were permitted to stay open, while others were not. Capacity limits were placed on business owners, while these politicians participated in protests and rallies with thousands of people. It was the classic “rules for thee, but not for me” scenario. As your Congressman, I will support our local businesses and will fight for them. Walmart is not more essential than the deli down the street, the gym up the road, or the thrift store on the other side of town. If our elected officials are allowed to have indoor gatherings, we should be able to as well. I believe that the best decisions happen on a local level and I will work tirelessly to ensure that all small businesses are treated fairly, are treated equitably, and that this kind of economic disaster never takes place again.



We must restore confidence in our voting system! As your Congressman, I will work to pass comprehensive voting reform to ensure that our elections are free and fair. I will work to implement Voter ID, as we should all be required to show our identification before exercising our right to vote. Ultimately, if the American people cannot put trust in their ability to choose their elected officials, then the framework of our republic is lost.



When it comes to medicine, I believe that we are our own best doctor. Nobody knows our bodies like we know our bodies. I commend the previous Administration for signing into law the Right to Try Act, which allows terminally ill individuals to try experimental drugs, in an effort to save their own lives. The government should not be able to force someone to take medicine, nor should they be able to prevent someone from doing so. Similarly, each individual should be able to make their own decisions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, I believe that parents should be able to decide whether or not their children will be vaccinated. As your Congressman, I will protect your right to medical freedom, and will protect your children from these types of government mandates as well.



If you think of everything that’s wrong with Washington, DC, you probably think of several politicians that you place blame on. For me, while I disagree with many of my future colleagues on policy, it is the Representatives and Senators who have been around for 20+ years who keep me up at night. Being in elected office is not meant to be a career. We are voted into our seats to do a job and to get things done for our bosses, the people. If an elected official can’t accomplish something in a decade, then they most likely won’t be able to accomplish it in the decades to follow. We simply don’t need people in Congress for 20, 30, or 40 years, as they lose touch with their constituency and lose their fire to serve.



Whatever side of the LGBT issue you are on, it is my belief that all of us should be able to acknowledge the very real issue that exists with biological men being permitted to play sports with biological women. On the surface, it seems inclusive and harmless. When you dig deeper, you think about the advantages in physicality that men have over women. At minimum, allowing biological men (who identify as women) to play women’s sports will result in many women being unnecessarily injured, especially in contact sports. Even worse, biological women will miss out on trophies and scholarships, as biological men take their place on the podium, in college, and in the Olympics. As a result, women will have to pay their way through college, miss out on endorsements, and will lose the opportunity to play professional sports for a living. As your Congressman, I will fight for women’s sports to remain solely for biological women, and I will support all of the women who have already begun trying to end this travesty of a policy.



After a global pandemic and generations of irresponsible spending by our federal government, it is time to take a hard look at our foreign aid practices. Simply put, we shouldn’t be sending billions of dollars to countries who give us nothing in return. The United States of America is not a charity. That being said, I fully support charitable organizations that aim to do good across the globe. Once elected, I will direct my team to take a deep dive into the numbers and develop a plan that will benefit our country as much as it benefits others. If we want to help foreign nations, we must also receive something beneficial in return.



I believe in a justice system that only intervenes and punishes us when we hurt someone else. In my mind, the government is too large and individuals shouldn’t be imprisoned for victimless crimes. For example, rather than putting someone behind bars for doing drugs, we should prioritize their rehabilitation efforts instead. As your Congressman, I will govern with the belief that your own poor decisions are yours to make, as long as your decisions don’t put other people at risk. I will be an advocate for you to receive the rehabilitation and education that you need, so that you can lead a long, happy, prosperous life.



In recent years, the mental health of everyday Americans has increasingly become a concern. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed have only made matters worse. It is one thing to state that mental health is a problem, but we must commit to the proper research and treatments to address the problem. I believe that many of the horrific acts of violence that we have witnessed stem from mental health issues and, as your Congressman, I will advocate for getting individuals the help that they need, so that they may lead normal and peaceful lives.



Education is not and cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. You cannot teach someone from the city the same way you teach someone from farm country. I believe that a child’s education should be left in the hands of their parents, teachers, and communities, and not in the hands of the federal government! Where and how a child is educated is not for us to decide on Capitol Hill. As your Congressman, I will work to abolish Common Core, so that we can give control back to the people who know our children best.