D’Agostino Calls on Biden, Harris, Pelosi to Resign and for Treason Trials


“As I join my fellow Americans in mourning the loss of our brave service members who were needlessly killed in Kabul today, due to the gross incompetence of our current Administration, I also challenge members of Congress to hold those responsible accountable. While ISIS has taken credit for the attack, we must acknowledge the domino effect that was started by the negligence and poor leadership of our so-called President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am calling on both of them to immediately resign. Their silence on the matter, for over 6 hours, was deafening! I am also calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to resign, who was embarrassingly in San Francisco, celebrating Women’s Equality Day mere hours after the attack, rather than addressing our national security. This is not a partisan issue. Members of the House and Senate, both Democrats and Republicans, must unite and send a message to the American people that this will not be tolerated ever again. Impeach both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker! Then, let the trials for treason commence! Should you fail us, I vow, once elected to Congress, to help lead this effort and deliver justice for our brave men and women in uniform and their incredible families!”